Mandy’s message is best communicated through the fresh perspective of her written works and powerful speaking abilities. She is naturally inclined to awaken an inner desire to achieve your true potential, as well she is an effective communicator of complex ideas. Those who have worked with Mandy both as a pastor and spiritual director have found her to be a refreshing and energetic guide. Her empathy for others and understanding of life’s struggles including stress, anxiety and challenges to faith is inspiring. Mandy’s ability to communicate with a diverse group has been well demonstrated throughout her career.

Since 2005, Mandy has reached a dedicated audience via the church, her blog and community work. As a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, she holds a Master of Divinity, in addition to a Bachelor of Science in Journalism with a concentration in Advertising from Ohio University. She was ordained as an Elder in the United Methodist Church in 2010, and her commitment to empowering people can only be matched by her passion for writing and public speaking.

Mandy’s calling to serve has taken her all over the world. She traveled to Haiti to assist in rebuilding a church and school after the country suffered a massive earthquake. Mandy also provided spiritual care for those affected by the disaster. Completely committed to building relationships and making a positive impact worldwide, Mandy developed a partnership between Trinity United Methodist Church and Water Without Borders to deliver potable water to Haiti. Her travels have also led her to France with a group of 6 teenagers that she organized. They visited the Christian community of Taize on a spiritual journey.

Her openness towards cross religious understanding sets her apart from other clergy and spiritual leaders. Her study of Buddhism and meditation in addition to her theological training has shaped her empathy and compassion for her clients and parishioners. She is well studied in the area of meditation and applies this practice when she is teaching and training.

At the age of 12, Mandy began leading her family in prayer. The child of a psychiatrist, Mandy was always encouraged by her father to talk about her feelings, which has given her a foundation to help others. Her parents, Paul and Kathy Iahn, raised Mandy and her siblings in a warm and nurturing environment. No one in the Iahn family has served as a minister; Mandy is the first in her family to respond to her spiritual calling with vibrant energy and dedication. Mandy’s background and natural inclination to serve is a combination that is changing lives.

The three years she spent at Princeton Theological Seminary were full of learning and growth. Mandy was an exemplary student and leader who helped to shape publications and programs at the seminary. She co-wrote Innovative Health Ministry Models: Programs that Change Lives and served as a leader for the Wholistic Health Initiative. Through life experience, education and passion, Mandy has become a dynamic speaker and spiritual leader..

Mandy also uses her leadership and communication skills in the business world to promote overall health, productivity and growth. Organizations serious about the well-being of their customers and employees, as well as the prosperity of their company, will benefit from her ability to resolve conflict, motivate individuals and inspire teamwork.